Armadillo Ale Works might be one of the most beloved breweries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that still doesn’t have a brewery.

Though they were in the running for a $25,000 grant from FedEx Small Business to help fund the construction of their brewery in Denton, Armadillo didn’t end up making the cut as one of the 100 finalists.


But enough dwelling on the bad news. The good news is that Armadillo still has plans to build in Denton and continues to brew out of Deep Ellum Brewing’s facility. And they’ve decided to celebrate one year of doing business by releasing their first limited edition beer, Brunch Money.


Armadillo just revealed the details of this newest brew on Facebook.

“Brunch Money is a deep golden ale with stout like flavors and special ingredients that create a rich and complex 10% abv brew unlike any other. We call it our Imperial Golden Stout. You’ll call it deliciously awesome”

Our reaction? This.


and this…


At this time, there is no word about when Brunch Money will drop, but we’ll keep our eyes on Armadillo and be sure to post it to the event calendar when we know.

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