If you’ve ever purchased a six-pack of craft beer in can form, you’ve likely encountered the mighty PakTech Can Carrier Handle Solution, otherwise known as those solid plastic disc six-pack holders.

These holders are great for the environment, but they are not so kind to grabby craft beer fans. You see, there’s a trick to opening these without hassle. So Deep Ellum put together this short instructional video to show you the trick to removing cans from PakTech holders.

It would be so much easier if we all had a ninja or forklift around for these bad boys. But in place of that, we can go with the “out and away” method. The real trick is making sure you put the six-pack down on a flat surface.

For a fun party trick, try it the way Armadillo Ale Works did for their #Craftsgiving special and make it a wishcan.

As an added bonus, it should be noted that these new six-pack holders do protect the tops of your beer cans. So they aren’t JUST for the environment. They are also for your clean drinking enjoyment. Win-win.

In my research, I also came across an Austin Beerworks instructional video if you’re left-handed and require very specific instruction.

Now I hope we can all continue to enjoy the #CraftCans movement with a few less complaints about the tough plastic six-pack holders. Just remember “out and away” and enjoy!

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