Do you judge a beer by its label?

Does a slick label make a beer? City of Ate describes how David Schuemann of CF Napa Brand Design explains in his new book, 99 Bottles of Wine, how making wine labels look more sophisticated or showy can capture the attention of shoppers more than the wine itself. “Do people pick things up because it …

Out and Away: The Secret to PakTech six-pack holders

If you’ve ever purchased a six-pack of craft beer in can form, you’ve likely encountered the mighty PakTech Can Carrier Handle Solution, otherwise known as those solid plastic disc six-pack holders. These holders are great for the environment, but they are not so kind to grabby craft beer fans. You see, there’s a trick to …

Enjoy Super Bowl XLVIII with Seattle and Denver craft beer picks

Brady White at The Beer Diaries made some bold picks for this year’s Super Bowl — craft beers you might like to explore from our two Super Bowl competitors’ home states, Colorado and Washington.

Watch The Grateful Dead Movie with new American Beauty Dogfish Head brew

The very cool folks at Alamo Drafthouse have been working with the creative brewers at Dogfish Head to release a brew inspired by the Grateful Dead for the première of The Grateful Dead Movie. After 1,500 submissions from Deadheads and beer lovers, that beer is ready for the spotlight. Those who attend the screening on …

Great American Beer Festival: How are beers judged at GABF?

With Community taking home a gold this year and 10 Texas breweries receiving awards, you may be wondering how the judges decide who takes home the medals at the Great American Beer Festival. It’s actually a very detailed process. This video from goes behind-the-scenes to show you how they judge a beer.