UPDATE: Rejoice, craft beer lovers! We’ve received word from The Buzz Bike in the comments below to confirm that kegs are allowed, as long as you can still pedal with the beer weight.

We first passed along word that a pedal-powered mobile pub was on its way to Dallas back in September.

According to City of Ate, Buzz Bike will hit the streets this week, but it isn’t quite what we thought it might be.

First of all, while the bike itself actually has a barrel, or keg-like object, on one end, the bike is strictly BYOB with room for canned beer, boxed wine, or “adult juice boxes.” That clearly means no glass or hard spirits.

But the ban on glass eliminates the use of many common growler options, and I have to assume the emphasis on canned beer mean no kegs. Buzz Bike suggests bringing a cooler to carry all the supplies.

The rest of the rules don’t seem to be too much of an issue. I’m as much against someone peeing off the side of a mobile pub as the next guy, and extreme intoxication and excessive noise should be avoided if possible. Also, they enforce the three Ls: loitering, littering, and loaning alcoholic beverages to non-passengers as you pass them. These all seem like things I can handle.

But no kegs and no growlers? I have to hope the Buzz Bike is growler-friendly for the non-glass growlers. Otherwise, the ability to pedal alongside your favorite local brew may be hindered by the lack of craft cans produced by our local breweries.

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  1. Thx Beer in Dallas!
    Just a little note to clarify that Kegs are allowed onboard…just keep in mind that The Buzz Bike is completely pedal-powered! 😉

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