After what Four Corners Brewing Company calls a “slight delay,” their brand new release, El Super Bee de Saison, is on the streets.

And no, that doesn’t mean it’s working a corner. That means you’ll see it in your local watering hole or drinking establishment soon.
Four Corners El Super Bee de Saison Label
If you haven’t heard of this delightful beverage, here’s the full lowdown via the Four Corners crew:

El Super Bee starts as a slightly bumped up Local Buzz. At the end of the boil we add extra honey and Belgian candy sugar to enhance aroma. Once in the fermenter we add Saison yeast giving the beer fruity esters, medium clove flavor and aroma. Once fermentation is complete we dry hop the beer with 10 lbs of Tettnang hops adding spice to balance the already sweet aromas. (7% ABV, 23 IBU, Plato 15)

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