Want to get a piece of Grapevine Craft Brewery? President and CEO Gary Humble is offering the community that chance by trading 5 percent of the quarterly company profits for the last $50,000 in funding.


The campaign through Fundable, much like Kickstarter, will provide the new brewery startup with $50,000 only if they reach their goal. In return, GCB will give 5 percent of the quarterly profits back to the Grapevine community and non-profits like GRACE.

If you like that idea, you should check out their rewards at each donation level.

Sadly, the “Big Poppa/Momma” spot for giving $10,000+ is already sold, which means someone’s already secured the chance to brew a 60-barrel 2014 seasonal batch with head brewer Caton Orrell, formerly of Boulevard Brewing Company, and free beer for life.

I have to wonder how that free beer for life works.

Source: City of Ate / Dallas Observer

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