Getting a keg up on the competition

After bottling and experimenting with the Party Pig to package and share our beer with the world, we decided it was time to take the leap into kegging and forced carbonation.

Dropping the weeks of bottle conditioning off the time required to produce a beer looks pretty good when you start brewing every other weekend or so.

But kegging isn’t something you can just jump into with ease, as we have learned. There’s a lot of equipment to buy to make sure you can fill and pressurize the kegs. So I turned to the Internet. Luckily for us, there’s plenty out there on kegging, sanitizing, and all the equipment you could ever want to find.

In prepping for our keg equipment purchase, these two videos from Brewing Daily helped get me on track. So if you’re thinking about kegging, give these a watch.

Brewing Daily has a collection of how-to videos available if there are any other topics you’d like to learn about related to homebrewing.

BrewDemon Conical Fermenter: The Devil is in the Details

A while back we decided to buy this little 2-gallon conical fermenter from BrewDemon for brewing experimental batches when 5 or more gallons just seemed like too much.

From perusing their website, we were enticed by a few things: a conical fermenter (check!), plastic and easy to handle (check!), and last but not least, inexpensive (check and check). We had been looking at other conical fermenters but always walked away saying they were too expensive for our current homebrew hobby. But this one was economical enough to buy and give a whirl. Continue reading