Tips for brewing with spices

Many of my favorite fall and holiday beers are of the spiced variety. I love them all — pumpkin, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon. The list could go on. So when we decided it was time to brew our first spiced holiday beer, I realized that building a beer recipe with spices that are normally relegated to […]

BrewDemon Conical Fermenter: The Devil is in the Details

A while back we decided to buy this little 2-gallon conical fermenter from BrewDemon for brewing experimental batches when 5 or more gallons just seemed like too much. From perusing their website, we were enticed by a few things: a conical fermenter (check!), plastic and easy to handle (check!), and last but not least, inexpensive (check […]

Best Immersion Wort Chiller: Stainless Steel or Copper?

After our last brew day, we realized the next addition to our homebrew setup needed to be a wort chiller. When you’re sitting around for hours watching a batch of wort drop at what feels like a degree every hour…you realize how very necessary one of these babies is. The saying should really be “a […]

Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB): It’s all in the Bag, Baby

Here is the deal. I am really starting to like this whole brew-in-a-bag method of homebrewing, BIAB for short. Some homebrew purists might disagree with me, but so far, the BIAB method has resulted in some pretty great beers for us. Until you are truly ready to spend the money on a full three-vessel all-grain […]

Gettin’ jiggy with Glacier Hops

Brooklyn Brewshop highlighted Glacier hops as their hop of the month for May. As they note in their article, only the truly hardcore know much about this hop, which is fairly new to the game. It was only released in 2000. So give it a break, guys. It’s just now going through puberty. Considering how many […]