Looks like Jester King won’t be the only brewery turning brewpub in light of the new laws passing in the state of Texas. I think this makes it a trend, people.

Hops & Grain in Austin will also be switching to a brewpub license, according to this tweet they sent to Drink Local Texas.

It remains to be seen whether any Dallas-Fort Worth breweries will follow suit.

Source: DrinkLocalTexas.com

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  1. Thanks for linking. Appreciate it.

    This definitely seems to be a trend now. Will be interesting to see which DFW breweries head the brewpub direction. If I had to put money on one it would be Deep Ellum.

    Im still curious to see if this will benefit or hurt the consumer. Especially if you dont live near the city that the brewery is located.

    1. In the short term, it will be beneficial for breweries that aren’t distributing at a massive scale. Definitely something we’re watching. Considering the self-distribution network Deep Ellum has, I’m not sure they would make the switch because of those limits on brewpubs. Peticolas might be more likely.

      It’s possible that this will hurt the consumer, but that’s assuming the breweries were planning to (and able to) distribute far and wide in the near future. In the early growth stages, brewpub makes a lot of sense.

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