Lakewood releases Legendary Series No. 2 La Dame du Lac

Tonight at The Common Table, Lakewood Brewing Company will debut their second release in the Legendary Series, La Dame du Lac.

La Dame is a bière de garde, a traditional farmhouse ale, more in the pale, amber range of that style. Lakewood has aged it a bit to add complexity (and creepiness).

La Dame du Lac follows on the heels of Brabo’s Cut, a Belgian-style dark ale, which was the first in the Legendary Series and named to honor a Belgian legend.

This legendary edition is named after East Dallas’ own Lady of the Lake. The video produced by Lakewood retells the story and explains how they brewed La Dame, but I’d also direct you to City of Ate’s recounting of the story:

“Story has it that sometime during the early 1900s, a ghostly figure emerged from White Rock Lake and hitched a ride home saying that her boat had overturned (the story varies).

Drivers would agree to give the drenched girl a ride home, then as they neared her house, she’d just disappear. One confused driver went to the house anyway and explained the situation. The man who answered the door said his daughter had recently drowned in White Rock and ‘You’re the third couple who has come here with this story.'”

If you want to taste, be sure to swing by The Common Table tonight.

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