Raspberry Bourbon Barrel Temptress: Prepare thyself

Has Lakewood revealed the "tap-room only release" they'll be featuring on this week's tour? A post to Facebook earlier today broke the news that "someone dropped raspberries in a barrel of Bourbon Barrel Temptress. Guess we'll have to put it on for the tour Saturday." So now you can expect a BIGGER crowd for Saturday's [...]

Raspberry Temptress: Where to Find Lakewood’s newest Temptress flavor

Lakewood Brewing will release a Valentine's Day edition of their beloved milk stout Temptress just in time for Hallmark's favorite holiday. On Monday, February 10, select bars and restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth will start serving a limited quantity of a raspberry-infused Temptress, dubbed Raspberry Temptress. I'll let that sink in for a quick sec. The [...]

Deep Ellum Pale Ale breaks the ice on this weekend’s tour

Oats you going to try some Deep Ellum Pale Ale tomorrow at the Saturday Deep Ellum Brewery open house? I'm sorry. That was stretching it. I'm better than that. You're better than that...but the cabin fever of this cold weather might be getting to me. Luckily, Deep Ellum Brewing is giving us all a reason [...]

Martin House pro-am collab with homebrewer Justin Foley to debut this weekend

Rockwall's Justin Foley, winner of 1310 The Ticket's "Brewer for a Day" contest during NTX Beer Week worked on two "pro-am" beers during his day with Cody Martin and the crew at Martin House. Those beers, Smokey D. RIPA and Kumite, will be released during the regular tour at Martin House this Saturday, February 8. [...]

Southwest Airlines now offers craft beer, New Belgium’s Fat Tire

Beer options on airplanes are usually rather limited, but the skies just got a little more inviting now that Dallas' own Southwest Airlines is offering New Belgium's Fat Tire across their fleet. Another win for craft beer in can form. [via BeerPulse.com]

Goodfriend now open for lunch…as in, right now

If you've ever enjoyed a burger at East Dallas' Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House, you've likely been disappointed to discover it wasn't open for lunch. Not even on weekends. But no more! As of today at 11 a.m., Goodfriend will be open for lunch Friday to Monday. SideDish broke the news late last month. [...]

Out and Away: The Secret to PakTech six-pack holders

If you've ever purchased a six-pack of craft beer in can form, you've likely encountered the mighty PakTech Can Carrier Handle Solution, otherwise known as those solid plastic disc six-pack holders. These holders are great for the environment, but they are not so kind to grabby craft beer fans. You see, there's a trick to [...]

Enjoy Super Bowl XLVIII with Seattle and Denver craft beer picks

Brady White at The Beer Diaries made some bold picks for this year's Super Bowl -- craft beers you might like to explore from our two Super Bowl competitors' home states, Colorado and Washington. There's a wealth to pick from, but Brady identified a few beers each from Great Divide, New Belgium, Left Hand, and [...]

Buzz Bike starts pedaling this week, but…has rules

UPDATE: Rejoice, craft beer lovers! We've received word from The Buzz Bike in the comments below to confirm that kegs are allowed, as long as you can still pedal with the beer weight. We first passed along word that a pedal-powered mobile pub was on its way to Dallas back in September. According to City [...]

Buy your tickets for Big Texas Beer Fest 2014 now

Tickets have been on sale for Big Texas Beer Fest for a good while now. So it's about time you got around to purchasing them, especially because the VIP is already almost sold out! This year's fest is going down on April 5. It'll be the Third-Annual Big Texas Beer Fest, and we couldn't be [...]