Raspberry Temptress: Where to Find Lakewood’s newest Temptress flavor

Lakewood Brewing will release a Valentine’s Day edition of their beloved milk stout Temptress just in time for Hallmark’s favorite holiday.

On Monday, February 10, select bars and restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth will start serving a limited quantity of a raspberry-infused Temptress, dubbed Raspberry Temptress.

I’ll let that sink in for a quick sec.

The raspberries are said to add a little tartness to the sweet milk stout with an ABV of 9.1%. In honor of the beer, Lakewood has designed some special Raspberry Temptress glasses.

According to Lakewood’s announcement today, Raspberry Temptress went out to the following locations this week:

If you want a sure thing, Lakewood has promised to feature it at their Valentine’s brewery tour on February 15 and will also offer a “special, tap room only release” on that tour.

But to answer your burning question, where can you get it now?!!?, we’re cataloging all the events featuring Raspberry Temptress throughout Dallas-Fort Worth below. Check back here for updates.

Where to Find Raspberry Temptress

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For more info about where you can get your hands (or mouth…should it be mouth?) on some Raspberry Temptress, keep an eye on Lakewood’s page on Facebook and @LakewoodBrewing on Twitter all this week.

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