Another day, another night full of amazing tappings all over Dallas. Enjoy it while you can, people. After tonight, we only have one more day of North Texas Beer Week.

Get your new beer kick at Flying Saucer this afternoon as Four Corners unveils their Dark Ginger Beer and Martin House serves up some “never tasted brews” to the crowd.

LARK on the Park has a very special pairing with a cask of Bourbon Rinsed Mint Temptress, a rare edition of the Lakewood favorite, but Jack Mac’s is one-or-two-upping them with “A Night of Romance” as they unveil five Texas brews aged in bourbon barrels.

And (512) Brewing Company will be on the Dallas scene for Motha Firkin Friday at The Bottle Shop, featuring (512) THREE and a special firkin of (512) FIVE.

Those are the highlights. Here’s the full rundown of big events in Dallas tonight for North Texas Beer Week.

Friday’s Events

[events_list scope=”2013-11-15″]



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