Do you judge a beer by its label?

Does a slick label make a beer? City of Ate describes how David Schuemann of CF Napa Brand Design explains in his new book, 99 Bottles of Wine, how making wine labels look more sophisticated or showy can capture the attention of shoppers more than the wine itself. “Do people pick things up because it …

Lakewood’s Till & Toil, Community Public Ale hitting store shelves in six-pack form

Lakewood Brewing announced today on Facebook that their spring seasonal, Till & Toil, will be released in a bottle this year. Six packs should hit store shelves soon, which means my six pack will not be hitting my midsection this summer.

Raspberry Bourbon Barrel Temptress: Prepare thyself

Has Lakewood revealed the “tap-room only release” they’ll be featuring on this week’s tour? A post to Facebook earlier today broke the news that “someone dropped raspberries in a barrel of Bourbon Barrel Temptress. Guess we’ll have to put it on for the tour Saturday.”

Raspberry Temptress: Where to Find Lakewood’s newest Temptress flavor

Lakewood Brewing will release a Valentine’s Day edition of their beloved milk stout Temptress just in time for Hallmark’s favorite holiday. On Monday, February 10, select bars and restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth will start serving a limited quantity of a raspberry-infused Temptress, dubbed Raspberry Temptress. I’ll let that sink in for a quick sec.

Why Texas Brewvolution is my favorite Dallas beer festival of the bunch

The ideas behind Texas Brewvolution resonated with me from the start — small, Texas-centric, intimate. And I have to say it lived up to my expectations. I was disappointed to hear it didn’t quite hit the attendance or donation goals, but at the same time, I enjoyed having the extra space. We arrived a few …

Where to Spend Friday of NTX Beer Week 2013

Another day, another night full of amazing tappings all over Dallas. Enjoy it while you can, people. After tonight, we only have one more day of North Texas Beer Week. Get your new beer kick at Flying Saucer this afternoon as Four Corners unveils their Dark Ginger Beer and Martin House serves up some “never …

Where to Go Wednesday of NTX Beer Week 2013

Getting over the hump of North Texas Beer Week is going to be easy. I have a bit of sour tooth, which means I’ll most definitely be at Meddlesome Moth for a special tapping of La Folie. If you want to keep with the New Belgium theme, you can meet New Belgium brewer Lindsay Guerdrum …

Where to Spend Tuesday of NTX Beer Week 2013

Wait…you aren’t done after one Monday of North Texas Beer Week, are you? It’s Tuesday! Things just get better from here. Brew nerds and keg chasers should make their way to Flying Saucer in Addison for the Brewer’s Table with Sierra Nevada’s Brett Preston. They’ll also be unveiling some Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout and Sierra …

Lakewood Brewing announces full slate of NTX Beer Week events

Starting today, you have a different spot to enjoy Lakewood’s finest every day of NTX Beer Week. Lakewood has announced an event calendar that includes one event for every single day and two for some. Better block off some PTO. This week could get busy. Source: Lakewood Brewing Company